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Ancient Egypt Unit open in new window
Lesson Plan
A simple outline for 13 lessons and activities for a study of Ancient Egpyt. Also includes links to student research projects and a library pathfinder to support students.
Grade Level(s): 3-5

Artifact Puzzles
Lesson Plan
Students pretend to be archaeologists to determine what artifact they have found and what its use might have been.
Grade Level(s): 3-5

Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad open in new window
Lesson Plan
Making multicultural connections through trade books: lesson for math, social studies, and language arts.
Grade Level(s): 3-5

Columbus Day Activities open in new window
Lesson Plan
Arts and crafts, language activities, poetry, songs and fingerplays.
Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. WebQuest/Timeline open in new window
Lesson Plan
Work through the student-created timeline to find answers to the questions.
Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5

Lesson Plan
The lesson will focus on an overview of concurrent Dutch, French, Spanish, and English explorations on the east coast of North America during the 1500ís and 1600ís. After students read their textbooks about North American exploration, this lesson will be used to reemphasize the aims, obstacles, and accomplishments each country experienced. The use of cooperative learning through group goals and individual accountability will be accentuated.
Grade Level(s): 3-5

Johnny Appleseed Day Research Activity
Lesson Plan
Students research, then create a holiday for a special person.
Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5

Martin Luther King, Jr. open in new window
Lesson Plan
Chronology of MLK's life, Jim Crow laws, "I Have a Dream" speech
Grade Level(s): 3-5

Slavery and the Underground Railroad
Lesson Plan
Following the map of the Underground Railroad.
Grade Level(s): 3-5

The Cowboy Unit open in new window
Lesson Plan
These five lessons help students to understand the roles that cowboys played in the United States and Colorado history during the late 1800's. They will develop vocabulary, help students look at cultural assimilation, power, diversity, and economics in Colorado history.
Grade Level(s): 3-5, 6-8

The Holocaust: A Learning Site for Students open in new window
Lesson Plan
Students can navigate through this site to learn about World War II, Hitler, Nazi Terror, the Final Solution, concentration camps...
Grade Level(s): 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Thirteen Colonies open in new window
Lesson Plan
Two lesson plans exploring economics in the New World. Students learn the economic reasons colonists settled in America, and understand what job opportunities were available in the colonies.
Grade Level(s): 3-5

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum open in new window
Lesson Plan
A simple chronology of events surrounding the Holocaust.
Grade Level(s): 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

US History, Colonial America 1600-1776 open in new window
Lesson Plan
Gives some possible discussions, activities and works of literary merit. All of which are intended to be offered as choices to the learner rather than as assignments or lists of things to do.
Grade Level(s): 3-5, 6-8

WebQuest: Life on Plymouth Plantation open in new window
Lesson Plan
In this activity you will be discovering about the early Americans by looking at a recreation of Plymouth Plantation in 1627.
Grade Level(s): 3-5, 6-8


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